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ASF cave divers, in small groups, have been active within their respective ASF Caving Clubs since 1952. In 1957 the ASF appointed Sydney Speleological Society (SSS) president and diver Ben Nurse to oversee its cave diving projects.

The ASF Cave Diving Group formed in 2000 to facilitate the exchange of information between these cave diving groups and is the representative body for ASF cave divers in Australia. The main activities are exploration and supporting the many areas of cave related sciences. The ASF-CDG does not train divers. Cave qualified divers submit a membership request to the Commissioner. If successful they are assessed in various cave diving environments by experienced members. Overseas divers are welcome and can participate in expeditions as visitors.

The relevant codes, membership information and links to other organisations can be obtained from the DOWNLOADS section.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Commissioner.

ASF Cave Diving Commissioner

Latest News

14th Dec 2020:
Two new photos in NSW Gallery, Three new Trip Reports added, Vaughan-Taylor and OBrien in NSW, Eberhard in Tasmania.

27th September 2020
The ASF CDG website is now up and running - welcome!

Title photo is of John Dalla-Zuanna in Kija Blue Sinkhole, Western Australia, photo by Richard Harris.

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